case study six – Innovative Checkout Solution

Supporting the implementation of an innovative new style checkout within Morrisons

The Start

Two’s Company were approached by Morrisons to support them with implementing, training and coaching their store colleagues on an innovative new checkout.

Morrisons were trialling a new style of manned checkout that included a twin packing area, providing a better service for customers and enabling quicker throughput.

The Objective

To train, coach and support Morrisons store colleagues through the change and implementation of the new checkout.

To embed the correct customer service behaviours and coach colleagues on how to guide customers through the changes.

What We Did

The new system would have a big impact on the day to day workings for the checkout colleagues and also the normal everyday routines for the customer.

Two’s Company implemented the following three step approach: –

Step 1– We designed a bespoke training course and delivered it to all checkout and shop floor multi-skilled colleagues, as well as Managers.

Step 2– A three week phased support structure from live day: –

  • Week 1 – Full hours coverage with 3 trainers providing live coaching and support to ensure colleagues displayed and delivered the correct behaviours and put their training into practise. We also helped to educate the customers on the new routines.
  • Week 2 to 3 – Further live support and coaching at peak trading hours each day

Step 3– Obtaining feedback from customers, colleagues and managers in a live environment and writing daily reports for the Project Team in order to capture the learnings for future stores.

The Results

Morrisons were delighted with our results!! With our continued training and support, Morrisons went on to trial this new checkout in a further three stores.

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