the 3 v’s


By Alan Jones, Two’s Company Training Manager

Dated: 2nd September 2019

Your employees are the face of your business and are responsible for customer perception. Have you ever heard the saying, perception is reality?

Customers will make a decision of what they think about your colleagues and your business, sometimes without even talking or engaging with a staff member.

People communicate in many different ways, not just in how we speak to them but more importantly, by the non-verbal messages we send.  The VISUAL element of the 3 V’s, like: –

It is accepted by psychologists and others who study human communication that we send greater messages by our non-verbal body language.

What message do you want your colleagues to be sending?

If you asked one of your colleagues, ‘What word would people use to describe you within the first 10 seconds of seeing you?’, the response may be a positive word such as friendly or confident.  However, this may not be the reality in the moment, as some colleagues may not be aware of the message that their body language is sending to customers.

For example, I know from first-hand experience that working within a self-service area can be very busy and pressured, therefore, when the area is quiet it is easy for colleagues to take a breath, have a lean or a chat.  But this is when customer perception and that non-verbal message really kicks in!!!

Being a self-service assistant, isn’t just about dealing with interventions, it’s about providing a fantastic service, thinking about body language, customer perception and reassuring customers that they are there, if needed.

This is why we include the concept and importance of body language in the courses we deliver, using practice scenarios and supporting colleagues in putting their newly learnt behaviours into practice.

What word do you think people would use to describe you within the first 10 seconds of seeing you?

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